08 Aug 2018

An agile approach to conversion

Iztok Franko, founder of strategic digital marketing and e-commerce consultancy Diggin Travel, has put together a new toolkit to make data analytics more useful for conversion, using a technique known as “agile business intelligence”.

The methodology aims to address a visibility gap, between business objectives and data, between strategic goals and KPI analytics, which can lead to lost opportunities to boost conversion.

As Franko explains in his detailed post:

“The challenge was to combine both a strategic view and the tactical KPIs needed for your booking funnel optimization. You’ve probably seen many strategic frameworks that made sense but failed to be implemented in practice. Or you’ve read high-level analytics reports but failed to get any actionable insights out of them for your optimization activities.”

“On the other hand, I’ve seen many marketers work with very tactical reports and KPIs (for example, click-through rates or bounce rates for keywords, funnel pages, etc.) but fail to see and understand the big picture. Sometimes the pitfall of conversion optimization is that you optimize tactical KPIs but don’t get the overall win. For example, you might increase your upsell uptake (e.g., airline bags a-la-carte purchase) but decrease overall conversion and revenue.”

To resolve these gaps, Franko takes inspiration from Avinash Kaushik’s digital analytics framework adapting it specifically for travel web analytics. Franko’s methodology also addresses tactical opportunities that relying on Google Analytics alone will not reveal including the handling of multiple dimensions, complex visualizations, connecting web analytics to other data sources, and advanced analytics, identifying correlations between metrics.

The solution draws from agile program management principles, using an Agile Business Intelligence methodology.

Franko offers a step-by-step guide to adoption of this more flexible analysis and decision-making process including videos that explain trends analysis for high-level conversion metrics, and micro conversion metrics for trip search and booking lead-time analysis.

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