Are you ready for lift off?

We specialise in helping launch new businesses into outer space utilising proven marketing techniques. We assist new and old businesses alike reach new heights!

Power up your business utilising our range of services optimised for you to get the most out of your marketing

We run our eye over your marketing activity to ascertain which areas you could improve on

We’ll help you launch your business to new heights by improving your web and social presence

We can help you increase your profits by taking more direct bookings and reducing your reliance on select Online Travel Agents (OTA’s)

We help create brands that resonate with future guests and craft brand personalities that matter

Prepare for launch!

We have a range of services and use proven marketing techniques to prepare you for space flight.

Omnichannel Support

Sick of all the support platforms you need to reach your customers? We got you in one

API Connections

We can assist to link up (and streamline) a myriad software options you may be using


Whether you need an IVR, digital voicemail or programmable SMS, we can help

Chat Bot(s)

Save time and make money with a chat bot to supplement your sales and support

Marketing Audit

Want to know where you are doing well and where you could improve? Let us assist

Marketing Campaigns

We can help create and send email or direct marketing campaigns to your customers

Marketing Automation

Set your marketing activities to autopilot and free up valuable time to work on your business, not in it

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is extremely important in this day and age. Let us help set-up and manage your social media marketing


We can create a beautiful responsive website for your unique property in a flash


We provide hosting services for your website so you always know where it is and who to contact, making updates and changes to it a breeze

Personailsed Email

Allow us to set-up personalised email addresses for you, giving your business that essential professional touch

Google Services

We take the pain out of setting your business up on google services

PMS & Channel Manager

Sync your property’s availability across all OTA’s with our recommended channel manager and manage your property via PMS

Booking Engine

Take bookings directly from your own website and stop paying unnecessary commission to agents


We can get you set-up on the best OTA’s so you can broadcast your availability to the world


Worried about bookings? Let us handle your reservations across all channels, saving you the worry and hassle


Need to craft a brand personality and identity but don’t know where to start? We’re on hand to assist

Copy Writing

We can curate or create content for your website, blog and email or social media marketing

Graphic Design

From branding to promotion we can create beautiful pieces of visual media that match your brand identity


You’ve set everything up but now you need bookings; we can help you gain the attention you need


Need new and improved snaps of an existing property or for a new purchase? First class photography can really set your property apart in the online world


Allow us to create compelling video content for your blog, website or social media account that garners increasing interest


Everyone loves a t-shirt – bring your brand to life with custom branded apparel


Business cards, flyers, or posters – we’ve got your marketing collateral covered


One Small Step

It was only a small step for man but one giant leap for mankind. You too only need to take a small step to make big change and we can help.

Let us run an eye over your business to identify any areas working well for you and any areas in which there is room for improvement. We’ll sit down and analyse your online presence, reporting back to you for FREE so you can decide the direction you’d like to steer your digital marketing strategy.


Social Strategy

We’ll look over your social media presence and make recommendations based on our findings

Online Presence

We’ll evaluate your online presence to see where you can improve to showcase your business to a wider audience

Online Travel Agents

We’ll analyse your property listings to identify areas for improvement. Better listings = more bookings!


We’ll review your website and report back so you can understand how your website ranks compared to the competition

Brand Identity & Reputation

We’ll access what your customers are saying about you and how your brand identity could be affecting your bookings


Getting a message into space has never been easier than when it's attached to one of our rocket boosters!

We love marketing campaigns; whether direct to the letterbox, into the inbox or a combination of both. We can design, publish and track your marketing campaigns for the best possible outcome.

Email Marketing

Want beautifully, professionally designed emails sent to your customers? We’re experts! Whether you want to send promotional emails, newsletters, or something completely bespoke, we’ve got you covered. We can design, send and track your emails or guide you through our best practice techniques so you can take the bull-by-the-horns and do it yourself – the choice is yours. Rest assured we’ll get you effectively utilising one of the most forgotten about but highly valuable marketing channels there is: Email!

Direct Marketing

A dinosaur in the digital marketing era, Direct Mail campaigns should not be forgotten and are a great way of reaching potential or existing customers with promotions, deals or news. We can ideate and execute one-off or multi-staged direct campaigns that are not only aesthetically pleasing but trackable – tracking your direct mail campaign allows you to determine an ROI on your spend.

Multi-platform Campaigns

Our campaigns are always designed to be cross-functional and used across any medium: from social media to print advertising we can design you a multi-platform campaign that connects with customers where ever they are and whenever they’re digesting your content. Our collective imagination and creativity means there’s nothing we can’t come up with and no channel we can’t reach.


Let Robots Do The Work

Let your marketing activity work for you and take advantage of marketing automation to connect to your customers on a personal level

Marketing Automation

Imagine a world where digital robots communicated with your customers without you ever having to lift a finger? Well the future is here and with marketing automation you can create multiple touch points with your customers right down the funnel without ever having to do a thing. When a customer books; trigger a campaign that communicates with them right up to their stay and beyond. Send reminder emails about payment or follow up about services you offer – marketing automation saves you value time so you can work on your business not in it!

Space Robot



Let your social media work for you and connect to more customers, more often across a range of different social media platforms


Get Facebook working for you by creating meaningful content and connections with your customers. Whether you want to advertise, schedule posts or create awesome competitions – we can streamline your Facebook account to achieve your objectives.


Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms at the moment – it’s extremely popular with users and a great tool for businesses to market their services. We can help you create a social media calendar that includes photos with engaging and relevant hastags and help grow your follower base automatically.


While not as popular as Facebook or Instagram, Google+ does have a big user base but more importantly helps with Google indexation and allows users to more readily find information about you. While your focus should be on the above, Google+ shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • And many more!

Above the clouds

We make beautiful, eye catching websites that represent your brand, making it stand out from the competition. A website should not only be aesthetically pleasing but functional as well and our sites are jammed with features.

Responsive Design

The websites we make are fully responsive and display according to the device being used

Fast Development

We understand your urgency to get a website up and running so you can sell your property. We can build you a site in a flash.

Easy-to-use CMS

We build with WordPress so you can easily take charge of your own website after completion with an easy-to-use CMS.


Space Tools

Manage your bookings from one central portal while increasing profits by driving more direct bookings

PMS / Channel Manager / Booking Engine 

Utilising our recommended out-of-the-box SaaS solution you’ll get an integrated Property Management System, Channel Manager and Booking Engine all rolled into one so you can control your property from booking to bed. With one central portal to control everything from room assignments to payments you’ll never have felt so organised in your life.


Payment Gateway

Why worry about manually taking payment when you can automate it. We can integrate a payment gateway solution so you can receive reservation deposits and balances without lifting a finger or control mobile payments from all major credit card companies from wherever you are, whenever you want.


Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) are a great way to broadcast your property to a global audience and take bookings from all corners of the planet. Setting up on these platforms is not always easy and getting it right from the start will increase your chances of filling up across key dates – after all a fuller property equals more profits. We’ll happily set you up across any or all of the leading Online Travel Agents of your choice. 
  • Or, let us take care of reservations for you!


If the above sounds a bit intimidating and managing bookings is not your thing then let us take care of it for you. We can manage your end-to-end reservation experience from initial booking, through to confirmation and payment, taking away all the stresses so you can focus on operations without worrying about bookings.




Rocket Boosters

Our photographer has an amazing ability to make photos pop. Having outstanding photos of your property can really improve your online presence and help you sell more rooms. More rooms equals more profits – a wise investment indeed!
After some interesting visual content to promote your brand? We can help. You supply us with the video and we’ll work our magic to produce something visually impressive to your briefing that makes your brand stand out!.
Need T-shirts, hoodies or hats? We can replicate your design onto the clothing of your choice so you can have your brand walking the streets and talking for you
If you are in need of business cards, flyers, postcards or posters we can take care of your design and print needs – just let us know what you want.

Ground Control

Any good mission needs a ground control to ensure all those important components get ticked off. We can help ensure you get all the important things right from the outset!


Want to craft a brand personality but don’t know where to start? We help businesses build brands that match their business goals and help build relationships with customers. Branding is not just a logo, it’s your whole identity. Good branding sets you apart from the competition and helps potential customers identify with your business. Branding is the starting point of all your marketing efforts and something you don’t want to skip over; if you get it right from the get go it will help your business prosper into the future. We’re branding specialists who want to see you succeed so let’s sit down and brainstorm your new brand.



Writing is not for everybody and it’s often hard to script the words that you want to. Rest assured we can help: we’re wordsmiths and are more than capable of crafting the words that you want to convey to represent your brand, your story or your promotional efforts. We’ve worked with numerous brands and in publishing houses so we’re more than equipped with experience to aid in your marketing efforts. We can help you write compelling stories for your blogs, put together words for your social media or compile compelling content to fill up your website – just let us know how we can help and we’ll start putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).


Graphic Design

Graphic design is what separates a good brand from a bad one. The visual identity of your brand is imperative to attracting new customers to your business and standing out amongst the competition. Visual design is therefore very important to get right and is not something you should ignore or attempt half-heartedly. Our graphic designers are extremely skilled in visual design and have years of experience working with brands both big and small. Whether you simply need a standout logo or you would like to design print advertising, we can design beautiful works to suit any or all of your requirements.



You’ve got the branding right and a beautiful responsive website to match. You’ve set-up your social media and now you’re waiting… waiting for people to come to you. You might be waiting a while because promotion doesn’t just happen, it takes effort and it takes money. If you’ve completed all the prior steps and are ready to broadcast your business to the world, we can assist you with your advertising goals. If your objective is greater web traffic or an increase in your social media following, we can outline and manage your advertising campaigns from start to finish or guide you through the crawl so you can start walking into the future.


Mission Costs

We try to keep costs down so everyone can launch into outer space!

If you have any questions pertaining to the pricing above please contact us. For pricing on items/services not listed in the pricing table please contact us direct for a customised quote. We offer discounts for large jobs so if you feel like you need a lot of help please feel free to reach out and ask for job specific pricing.


The Astronauts

We have skills that pay the bills and experience where it counts. You can rely on our crew to get you into space!

Previous Missions

Space exploration is our thing and we love to launch rockets. Check out some of our previous missions below to find out where we've been and what we have done.

Fellow Space Explorers

There’s no point travelling into space without company. Below are some of our fellow astronauts that we have helped launch to new heights.

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Mission Feedback

  • Excellent service with tangible results. A Rocket Into Space is committed to improving your business incrementally. Highly Recommend!


    - Jason Martin -
  • What an amazing website. To say I was happy with what I received is an understatement.


    - Carlicia Mellick -
  • We got launched: our profits increased as a result of Cameron fine tuning our approach to Online Travel Agents!


    - Paul Greener -


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