31 May 2018

Sabre sets out its NDC roadmap, promises solutions in 2018

Sabre has announced plans for a pilot programme with airlines and agencies as it works towards the launch of NDC-enabled services by the end of 2018.

The Texas-based technology firm has revealed a new roadmap of its planned roll out of NDC-based services to enhance the selling of airline products through B2B channels.

Sabre says it plans to launch new APIs later this year, alongside enhanced capabilities within the Sabre Red Workspace agency booking platform, to allow customers to shop and book NDC content alongside traditional channels.

The company is already working with customers, including global travel agency owner Flight Centre, on this project. More agency and airlines are expected to take part in a pilot programme from the third quarter of 2018.

Kathy Morgan, Sabre’s vice president of strategic initiatives, says:

“We’re currently in discussions with a number of airline and agency customers on an NDC-enabled pilot programme.

“The goal is to collaborate with strategic pilot partners on development and integration with our solutions, testing our end-to-end capabilities to process NDC-enabled offers.”

Sabre also plans to launch a Digital Airline Commercial Platform that will give airlines the ability to use data insights to “dynamically and intelligently market their services, fulfill across all channels, and deliver a personalised customer experience”.

The distribution giant is promising more developments in 2019 including an “NDC-enabled offer and order management” service for airlines to promote their fares and products.

Morgan adds:

“NDC-enabled technology represents a monumental step forward for the travel industry as we modernise retailing and distribution solutions to meet evolving customer expectations.

“The NDC standards are a promising start, but Sabre will innovate beyond NDC to make the promise a reality.”

Sabre achieved NDC Level 3 certification as an IT provider from IATA in February 2018 and is also aiming to achieve Level 3 certification as an aggregator this year.

Separately, Amadeus has announced its latest NDC development, a partnership with Travix to work on the design of an NDC based Amadeus Web Services solution for online travel agencies.

The aim is for the technology to enable travel agencies to shop, order, and pay for flights and add ancillaries, via the NDC standard.

Hear Sabre’s UK and Ireland director Eric Hallerberg talk NDC with tnooz.


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