30 Apr 2018

MGM Resorts latest to partner with Expedia for packages tech

Expedia technology is to power a package bookings platform for MGM Resorts International following a partnership announced between the companies.

The deal means MGM Resorts will have access to Expedia’s airline inventory which the OTA says comprises more than 550 airline relationships.

Expedia says package bookers are likely to book further in advance, stay longer and are much less likely to cancel making them a lucrative channel for the hotel group.

The OTA announced Marriott as its first major hotel partner for this technology in 2016. The partnership marked a subtle shift in the hotel-OTA relationship with Expedia touting itself as more of a partner and hotels more willing to look at its technology.

The OTA also launched a series of technology to help hotels with revenue management and investment was shifted from the customer experience to helping drive growth for partners.

Expedia’s partnership to help Red Lion boost its loyalty program is a further example as are the TravelAds and Rev+ products.

In an interview with tnooz last summer, Expedia Group president of lodging partner services Cyril Ranque explained further how the company was thinking.

He talked generally of “more constructive discussions”, saying at the time:

“I think both us and our chain partners are realising that maybe that set up is not the best set up in the future and at the same time we have decided as Expedia to be open and we work with them to increase their direct business if we can power them.

“That changes the dynamics when you tell a chain I can help your direct business by sending you my technology. It makes a lot of these discussions much more constructive than 18 months ago when there was this huge owner pressure and frankly us not coming to the chains with a solution.”

In a statement on today’s news Michael Dominguez, senior vice president and chief sales officer, MGM Resorts, says:

“We have long seen Expedia Group as a strategic channel for customer acquisition, and adding their technology and partner breadth in package bookings to our websites is just one more way we’re seeing partner value from them. Las Vegas is one of the top markets for travelers booking packages, so we’re adding strength to our customer offering and reach by leveraging Expedia Powered Technology.”