08 Oct 2016

Announcing MailChimp Holiday Webinars


Last week, we introduced our brand new holiday microsite and email series, featuring tips, advice, and best practices to help you make the most of your marketing throughout the holidays. Today, we’re excited to announce another useful holiday resource.

In the coming weeks, our client relations team will be hosting a series of webinars, covering topics like strategy, e-commerce, deliverability, and MailChimp Pro. These webinars will be totally free, and will include a Q&A session with our team of experts. (And everyone who registers gets a link to the webinar audio after it’s finished. So if you don’t make it to the live recording, no problem!) Here’s the full rundown of what to expect in each webinar, along with a registration link for each:

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2pm EDT and 6pm EDT

Developing a content calendar is a great way for marketers and online sellers to plan for the holiday season. In this webinar, MailChimp’s client relations team will provide tips to help you develop a promotional schedule, increase social engagement, showcase your best-selling products, and more.
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Thursday, Oct. 27, 2pm EDT

The holidays present marketers with a great opportunity to build an engaged list and send targeted content to subscribers. In this webinar, our client relations team will discuss the best practices of managing your list and teach you how MailChimp’s segmentation tools can help you send content your audience will care about.
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Thursday, Nov. 3, 2pm EDT

Send the right content to the right people at the right time. In this webinar, our client relations team will discuss how MailChimp’s powerful e-commerce integrations, Automation workflows, and Product Recommendations can help you increase the relevance of your messaging. And that’ll help you sell more stuff.
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Thursday, Nov. 10, 2pm EDT

MailChimp’s testing and optimization tools can help you send your best campaigns this holiday season. In this webinar, our client relations team will discuss how to use features like A/B testing, Multivariate campaigns, and Comparative Reports to identify trends, learn what resonates with your audience, and make your holiday content more engaging.
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